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Promoting True Washoe County Values .

Helping elect School Board Trustees who represent True Washoe County Values .

We're devoted to promoting excellent School District Trustee candidates for Washoe County in 2022.

We believe in rigorous, straightforward academics, classrooms that are inclusive of all beliefs and backgrounds, teachers who teach children how to think not what to think, traditional grading and discipline,

Nevada schools rank among the lowest in the nation and our aim is to recruit and elect passionate, child-focused WCSD Trustees to help improve educational opportunities for all children in Washoe County.

We need a school board that will promote the objective teaching of necessary academic skills. Our departing superintendent made her top priority socially engineering our schools to align with her personal philosophies. This has resulted in an ultra-left curriculum that ignores academics, promotes propaganda over objective instruction, derides traditional moral values and parents’ roles, and encourages racism and a distorted view of America’s history and accomplishments.

Worried about the state of Washoe County’s public education? You’re not alone, and we’re here to help you help the kids of our community

Putting Our Children First

Fighting for common sense education in our schools

School Board Candidates

Educating Washoe citizens on how to run for the board

Challenging CRT

Pushing back against out of control policies

Fighting for Our Liberty

Saying no to mask and vaccine mandates

We have had enough .’s purpose is to promote school board candidates who share our outrage. We want you to get involved by voting for school board candidates who support change, by attending school board meetings, and by even considering a run for school board yourself. Contact us today to find out more about how you can help Save the Washoe County School District.

The time is now .

Unity not Division. Sameness not Segregation. Colorblindness not Prejudice

Unity. Humanity. Character not Color .

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