Melanie Sutton

Candidate for Washoe County School Board Trustee District C: North Valleys

First and foremost, I am a devoted wife and mother. Having been born and raised in a small farm town where my grandparents owned a ranch, my siblings and I worked on the ranch while growing. Consequently, I am most at home in the countryside.

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Melanie Sutton

Washoe County School District C

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Holding the rank of 50th in the nation for education, these schools are no place for people to send their children to receive an education. I began homeschooling two years ago; I have three sons and a daughter. (My oldest son is a member of the U.S. Navy and I am very proud of his choice.) Lacking all confidence in the Washoe County School District, I decided to homeschool my own children as they deserve an education that will give them a competitive advantage in this world. Your children deserve the same.

You may wonder what would I bring to the position of Trustee. Whether I am running a traveling petting zoo, coaching my daughter’s softball team, or fundraising for charitable causes, I bring enthusiasm, energy, and passion. My goal is to dismantle the current dysfunctional School Board and rebuild it. We know our kids are not receiving the quality education they need and deserve and I intend to bring our focus back to improving academics for every child in the Washoe County School District and ensuring we graduate students capable of becoming productive, successful adults in our community.

“Between you and me, I’d like to tear it all down and rebuild it. Our kids aren’t getting the education they deserve, and I want to bring our focus back to improving academics and opportunities for every child in the Washoe County School District.”

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