Vincent “Mon” Bertolucci Restoring Unity to WCSD

Hello good citizens, residents, parents, children and taxpayers – you all matter.

I am Vincent “Mon” Bertoluuci and I bring years of financial and business expertise to the #1 “business” in all of Northern Nevada – your school district. 

District F and G At Large
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I have a degree in accounting and am a successful business professional. The Washoe County School District (WCSD) has the largest budget in Nevada, and although it is supposed to be in the business of educating our future; it is failing.  I’ll represent all of you in cutting overhead and putting dedicated teachers back in the classroom.

Like many of you, I left California for all that Washoe has to offer. I’m so tired of reading daily articles about another disaster at the school district. Whether it’s scandals, board dysfunction, lawsuit settlements or the district’s bad policies…I’ll fix it.

Good schools require good teachers and together we’ll recruit and retain quality staff; that means cutting bloated overhead and having the backbone to fire bad employees.

Did you know that the District has about 360 administrators that are paid more than the highest paid teacher? I know, and I can rectify this disparity because I have a history of success and community involvement.

More Than Talk

I sincerely care about our youth and as a businessman, I’ll make it a priority to make WCSD a thriving part of the community. As done in other successful communities, we’ll re-assign bureaucrats and establish an Office of Community Involvement. Business can make it happen in a cost effective and mutually beneficial partnership. We’ll intervene with at-risk or failing youth with plans that put them on track and give them purpose.

Businesses can offset costs and develop work programs and soon we’ll be a nationally recognized district, turning out college, career or trade-ready young adults that will embrace work ethic and discipline. We are not doing that now. Sadly, we are failing.

Regardless of whether you are a parent or not, we all have a stake in education. So many never paid attention to the “down ballot” issues or candidates, and it’s coming back to bite us. 

I ask you to only support those candidates that pledge to address the WCSD budget without advocating for more taxes. I’m not afraid to take a stand against the proposed S-1 and S-2 statewide tax increases, which would make Washoe County sales tax just under 10%. These two taxes would also bring burdensome new taxes on the casinos that are just now starting to recover.

I ask for your support.


Mon Bertolucci


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